With a deep knowledge of processes and experts in many disciplines, coupled with a team history spanning over 8 years and more of sustainability experience, we understand each sector’s pain points and ensure realistic transformation.​

As dedicated business consultants, we work with you to unleash your full potential and achieve your ambitions across the following key areas: Design, Solutions and Assets, Analytics, People and Values, Client Learning, Implementation, Recovery and Transformation.

Organizational Restructuring Organizational Restructuring

We deliver actionable insight and tangible experience to help leaders design their business and operating models and drive faster insight-driven decision-making that is closer to the customer. Restructuring organizations is a hands-on business. Helping companies in distress rapidly improve performance requires a unique model of working together.

HR Consulting HR Consultancy

Charting the path for a positive transformation, we help you energize your talents and drive your workforce engagement and productivity through people-centric leadership activation. Organizational transformations often fall short of achieving full impact. Our model factory environments help teams and managers build the skills needed for long-term success.

Marketing & Sales Marketing and Sales

Our team helps you transition to a customer-centric organization and culture, and drive your operational excellence throughout your entire operation (Production, finance, corporate functions, etc.). Strategy today is powered by rich, empirical data. This is an integral part of helping clients make bold moves to beat the odds.

Business Planning and Digital Agenda

Bringing the old and the new, avoiding hype, and simplifying the accumulation of standalone digital initiatives, we help you assess your digital velocity, energize your innovation, and build a responsible path towards digital leadership. Today's winning organizations need a combination of strategic insight, domain expertise, data, and technology; our response is solutions-based consulting.

investment ready Investment Readiness

Venus Consultancy will help prepare your company to be investment-ready, export to markets outside of Lebanon, and provide it with the industrial technical solutions to help face all the challenges. In addition, VC will determine your market position, help you enter the targeted market, and arrange your product roadmap.

Industrial Quality management icon Quality Management

Companies must develop and implement a Quality Management System in order to document the businesses’ best practices, better satisfy the requirements and expectations of the customers and improve the overall management of the company. It addresses the design, development, production and servicing of the company’s products.